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New Coco Song collection by Area

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Modello Green Eyes

Coco Song® tells a story, a story with roots that go back thousands of years to ancient China, generating a sublime meld between the prestigious luxury of oriental culture and the sophisticated originality of Italian design.

A brand that is distinctly evocative starting from its very name, where the word Coco -ancient- is linked with the name of the ancient Song dynasty that founded the city of Hong Kong in 976 AD. An unmistakable name and sound that have transformed it into a cult at international level.


The excellence of the selected materials, the deft craftsmanship of the details C with their elegantly understated references to oriental culture in the form of coins and ideograms C and precious inserts such as silk and feathers, combine to make the eyewear of the Coco Song® collection a perfect fashion accessory of rare beauty.

Aluminium, titanium and even acetate in limited editions, espouse a metaphorical range of colours, one for each emotion: blue to express tranquillity, red for joy and love, green for creativity. But also pink for sweetness, white the symbol of purity and black for refinement, without neglecting yellow, one of the top colours with its close links to the the Chinese emperor.

Expression, research and emotions in unique glasses that continue to amaze, even in the new sunglasses collection recently presented at Silmo. The distinctive leitmotif continues to be oriental tradition and symbolism, matched with Italian design and creativity.
Models of major impact where colour plays a leading role; bright shades like yellow, fuchsia and acid green, rendered precious by the delicacy of the silk and feathers inserted just below the transparent acetate. The new sunglass models, flaunting poetic names (Cherry red, Green eyes, Speed sound, White satin), offer big shapes, ancient symbols and the masks of oriental theatre, the same features that also characterise the vision models.


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