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Luxottica supplied sunglasses for trapped miners in Chile

Writer:AnonymityFrom:www.eyesway.comHits:5142Updatetime:Oct 22, 2010

It was zero hour at Camp Esperanza. During the night, the operation named San Lorenzo began freeing the 33 miners who had been trapped for 69 days in the San Jos¨¦ mine and were the focus of international attention for at least 40 hours, the time estimated for completing the rescue operation.

The resurfacing operation could lead to a variety of physical problems. ¡°The most worrying complication is pulmonary embolism, although unexpected changes in pressure are not envisaged¡± explained Roberto Mendi, specialist in cardiology and internal medicine at the Policlinico in Monza. ¡°However, they have been undergoing preventive therapy for 12 days¡±. The miners also wore a biometric belt that provided the doctors on the surface with vital parameters for adjusting the oxygen in the capsule according to individual requirements. As well as physical problems, other causes for concern are major depressive disorders the miners may be experiencing due to the long period without light and the unhealthy living conditions.

Also not to be underestimated are the possible consequences of returning to daylight after so many days in the dark. Vitamin DM deficiency is caused by the absence of light and for this reason the Italian eyewear company Luxottica supplied all the men trapped in San Jos¨¦ with a pair of Oakley¡¯s Radar sunglasses with very dark lenses and side shields to protect them from sunlight.


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