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Success for Rudy Project at Barcolana 2010

Writer:AnonymityFrom:www.eyesway.comHits:4999Updatetime:Oct 22, 2010

At Barcolana 2010 in Trieste it was the turn of the ¡°Esimit Europa 2¡± crew to win the race and also to set a new speed record of only 56 minutes and 13 seconds.
More than 21 minutes ahead of the second in the classification, the formidable Maxi Jena Amori skippered by Mitja Kosmina, testified to the absolute predominance of the Flavio Favini dream team. ¡°We were able to maximize this yacht¡¯s performance by using all its capabilities¡±, helmsman Alberto Bolzan said. ¡°We have inherited a yacht that has won everything on every ocean and the fact that we continue to improve is a demonstration of the project¡¯s validity and exceptional crew¡±.

Also during this performance with a capital P, the crew wore Rudy Project¡¯s NOYZ SAILING technical sunglasses that were developed in collaboration with internationally famous yachters and have already been tested on all the world¡¯s oceans.
Technical performance and leading-edge materials are the strong points of this model, which also has special side shields to protect the eyes from reflections, wind and water spray. For the best handling in any weather conditions, Noyz Sailing is available with photochromic and polarized ImpactX lenses. Indestructible and guaranteed for life, these lenses eliminate eye-straining reflections off the water and they increase contrast and depth perception.

The huge success of Noyz was shared also by all the models in the 2011 sunglasses collection on display in the Rudy Project truck at the Barcolana event for which the Treviso company was the official partner again this year.

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