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The initiative by OA Group and ACI gets underway

Writer:AnonymityFrom:www.eyesway.comHits:5475Updatetime:Oct 22, 2010

The campaign promoted by OA Group in collaboration with ACI aims at emphasizing the importance of good eyesight for safe driving. For this initiative, OA partners ACI to once again underscore this key concept.

With the help of university professors and members of the OA Study Center, a specific protocol was formulated for testing driversí» eyesight at branches.

Carried out by Ottici Associati optometrists of Liguria, the tests for checking eyesight when driving began last week and will continue until end November at the ACI head office in Genoa and ACI branches in Liguria.

The start of the initiative coincides with the Ottici Associati campaign í░Buona vista guida sicuraí▒ (good eyesight, safe driving), which is supported by ACI Liguria and for which the optometrists of Liguria will be in the front line for carrying out eye exams for ACI members at the branches in Liguria.

ACI Liguria is particularly sensitive to subjects linked to safety and has welcomed the Ottici Associati information campaign aimed at making people aware of the driversí» real vision capabilities. In particular, it has understood the effective value of the eye exams, which, under the work protocol, the Groupí»s optometrists carry out during the free checks of the prevention month.

Over 50 Ottici Associati outlets are already participating in the agreement sparked off by the collaboration between OA Group and ACI, which promises to be long-lasting.


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