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Okia: battle against counterfeiting continues

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Okia is continuing its battle against imitations and infringements of its patented HD Technology.

At the last edition of Silmo, some exhibitors were served with a legal notice concerning the probable infringement of the HD patent, now widely recognized at international level: through its attorney, Okia took legal action against these exhibitors to protect its intellectual property rights and to defend the interests of its clients.

Compared to traditional technologies, graphics and designs are exceptionally clearer and more vivid with HD Technology: for this reason, a specific patent was acquired, which is already widely recognized and well-known in the eyewear market. Thanks to this extraordinary technology, textures and colors are given high definition and depth, thus allowing Okia to win numerous recognitions and awards such as the iF Material Award, Designpreis and Silmo dOr.

The company wishes to categorically clarify and unequivocally communicate to its clients that Okia is the only producer of the patented HD Technology, the only one that achieves the exceptional decorations widely known in the eyewear market. It is extremely important for Okia to protect the intellectual property rights of its products given that imitations claiming to be High Definition mislead its clients to the detriment of their trust in the company. For this reason, over the years Okia has taken stringent actions and through the media and other channels it has issued serious and stern warnings to offenders. At the same time, it has also asked colleagues in the sector and members of its community to inform the company whenever they learn about counterfeit products.

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