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Marchon in the front row at the movies!

Writer:AnonymityFrom:www.eyesway.comHits:6360Updatetime:Oct 22, 2010

The cast of the movie í░Benvenuti al Sudí▒ (Welcome to the South) released October 1, wears Marchon eyewear.

The compelling comedy directed by Luca Miniero and starring ace comedians Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani was a box office knockout.

The movie, champion of weekend box-office receipts, tells the amusing story of Alberto Colombo, a postal service officer who is reprimanded by being transferred from Usmate Velate in the heart of Brianza (Lombardy region) to Castellabate in Campania region, where he comes up against customs, dialects and different ways of life and discovers that living in the south of Italy isní»t so bad after all!

The stereotypes, vices and virtues that divide the north and south of Italy are depicted in a succession of gags and hilarious scenes.

The collaboration between Marchon and Cattleya, the company that produced the movie, testifies once again to the eyewear companyí»s commitment to the world of cinema and culture.

Marchon Eyewear has starred in several movies, its models have been worn by various international stars from Tilda Swinton to Katie Holmes, Mary Louise Parker to Jessica Alba, from Sigourney Weaver to Jennifer Lopez, just to mention a few.


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