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Free Membership
    Free member are accessible to all basic services which 66yj offers. The followings are services which free members receive
    1. enjoy the gold member right of “”, including generalize and maintenance the members’ website, consultation services;
    2. own a database website;
    3.have a secondary domain name: http://:*;
    4. the products pictures, demand and supply information will be showed behind the gold member.
Gold Membership
    Other than basic services, Gold member enjoy other favored benefits and services, please see followings which gold members receive
    Basic services:
    1. enjoy the gold member right of “”, including generalize and maintenance the members’ website, consultation and training services;
    2. own a database website(choose from 5 different editions) ,100M;
    3. have a secondary domain name: http://: * or;
    4. issue the product pictures, company culture, demand and supply information;
    5. the function of the member website: company introduction, company culture, product display, company reputation, information feedback, contact information and issue the supply and demand information, cooperation, employment;
    6. the company information, product display, commercial chance will prior to other class members;
    7.the company information will be showed on our home page (regular or irregular )
    8. generalize the corporate image for free on our home page( on the industry commentary, industry news and trade news version)
   9. enjoy the confidential products, members search, domain name binding services;
Favored benefits and services:
    1. Create your own website at 66yj and get a sub-domain name
    2. Post as many as trade leads and products which will be listed prior to those posted
        by free members
    3. Get your company listed at a preferential position in our Company Directory
    4. Get your company logo displayed on the homepage of 66yj for 2 weeks
    5. View whatever items your are interested in items at My Favorites in My office section
    6. Choose your professional website pattern from 8 different layouts
Upgrade membership:
    How can I upgrade my membership to Gold member?
    If you are a free member, you can upgrade your membership in My Office’s Profile. Otherwise you can contact us by emails or phone calls.
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